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"We have found that life is just too short, so lets have a lot of fun in a safe shooting environment."

"Your best days of shotgunning usually are somewhere between just trying to have fun and being aware of the location of the next target."

"There are shotgunning basics that once learned will forever simplify how you shoot a shotgun."

Pacific Shotgun Academy

Welcome to the Pacific Shotgun Academy website and we appreciate your interest. In the following pages you will learn about us, and how we are striving to bring affordable shotgunning to the west coast. This includes opportunities for both shooters and sporting clays clubs alike.

How does this affect YOU?

-Have you ever gone on an out of state bird hunt without having shot your gun in months?

-Are you gearing up for a major sporting clays event and have special presentations you need to work on?

-Has your duck club, family, winery, etc wanted to shoot clays at your place only to find that a single trap machine costs over $3000?

-Is your club looking to put on a large tournament but only have the machines to cover a single course?

-Is your wife/husband/daughter/nephew/etc interested in shotgunning?

-Have you ever wondered why you are inconsistent at hitting birds/targets in the field or during competition?

-Do you enjoy shooting technical targets that are hard to find?

How can we help?

We have been in ALL of the situations above (and then some) in the last 30 years. Take a peek within this website and see how we can assist you.

Quick highlights:

We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of setting targets to meet the needs of different shooters. From world class target shooters, the average shooter or the new shooter to the sport... they all require something a little different.

We have Master Class, NSCA certifed instructors available to prepare you for your next wingshooting adventure.

We have just about every waterfowling or upland game scenario set up at our training facility to build your confidence and target memory.

We have mobile commercial Laporte and Promatic Traps using proprietary bases allowing for quick set up of courses with almost unlimited target presentation potential.